Team of Indian researchers selected as a finalist in the Global Cooling Prize

A group of mechanical engineering researchers and innovators with expertise in air conditioning design and development are developing an efficient hybrid residential cooling solution maximizing the heat utilization combined with primary evaporative cooling, secondary liquid cooling and tertiary refrigerant cooling using low GWP refrigerant.

About the breakthrough technology

This cooling solution combines a two-stage cooling system with direct evaporative cooling of the condenser to achieve a significantly higher efficiency as compared to the typical AC units sold today. The two-stage cooling system integrates a water loop and a traditional vapor compression system to optimize the performance. The water loop pre-cools the room air which is subsequently cooled and dehumidified to the desired conditions at the evaporator of the vapor compression system. At the condenser section, a part of this conditioned air is further cooled using direct evaporative cooling, thus significantly improving the condensing efficiency. The performance is further optimized by using a variable speed compressor and with the application of a natural, low GWP refrigerant, the proposed solution has the potential to achieve dramatically lower climate impact. The use of DC electrical componentry in the design allows for easy integration with renewable power sources, and together with the solution’s low-cost potential, provides an opportunity for increased access to cooling.