The Supervisory Board is the main executive body of the Global Cooling Prize and is responsible for ratifying the overall design and governance of the competition.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Supervisory Board is expected to fulfill the high-level objectives of the Prize, including helping to establish and provide guidance to the Operating Council. The board will also be responsible for selecting Innovation Advisors who can provide direct input and advice on various competition-related issues. The Supervisory Board determines the allocation of funding to members of the Operating Council and other organizations working on the Prize.

The Supervisory Board also assists in developing the Prize’s rules, regulations, and guidelines, while providing recommendations to the Operating Council throughout the competition.


The Supervisory Board will be made up of individuals or organizations who have provided funding commitments of at least US$250,000 (or designees of those funders) to the Prize and will also have select representatives of Energy Ministries of participating nations under Mission Innovation, and select observing members.