The Investment Committee has been established to support the broad goals of ongoing development, commercialization, and scaling of innovative cooling technologies.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Investment Committee is comprised of a limited number of industry and financial entities with interest in investing in or otherwise supporting the companies or individuals with breakthrough cooling technologies. Members of the Investment Committee will gain privileged access to the individuals or teams that have applied to the Global Cooling Prize and have expressed interest in establishing a connection with Investment Committee members. The Prize Organizers will help to connect consenting Prize applicants to the market makers and investors within the Investment Committee in support of the commercialization and scaling goals for innovative cooling technologies under the protection of the Prize non-disclosure, non-use, and confidentiality protocols.


The Investment Committee is comprised of highly credible organizations with expertise in venture and investment capital, technology commercialization, manufacturing, and market scaling. The committee will be limited to no more than six organizations. If you are interested in joining the committee, please email

Investment Committee

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