Can renewable energy be used to meet the 5x goal?

Renewable energy harvested by the device may be used, subject to the following criteria:

  • — Any renewable energy generation equipment used must be directly integrated into the air-conditioning unit.
  • — The energy offset is accounted for only if it is used directly by the cooling equipment (net metering is not accounted for).
  • — The renewable energy component combined with the AC unit must not exceed the maximum size outlined under the scalability criteria.

How is intellectual property treated during the Global Cooling Prize?

Protecting the intellectual property (IP) of participants is a core priority of the Global Cooling Prize coalition. Here are some of the main considerations:

  • — All participants entering the competition will do so at their own risk and will be solely responsible for ensuring that they have taken appropriate steps to protect any IP that forms part of their application.
  • — Participants can be assured that any IP, whether granted or contained within a provisional application, will be protected through the application and review process.
  • — All applicants are encouraged to review their applications with a patent attorney and submit provisional applications where appropriate.
  • — The Global Cooling Prize will not provide IP advice directly to applicants but will refer applicants to an India patent attorney on retainer for up to one hour of advice per applicant. Any additional support required would need to be separately procured by the applicant.
  • — All individuals serving on the committees and councils that have access to Global Cooling Prize applications will be required to execute confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements when accepting their role with the requisite committee or council.
  • — All applicants selected for interim awards and subsequent prototype testing will be required to provide either: (1) evidence of submission for a provisional application, or (2) execute a waiver agreement acknowledging that the broader exposure of technologies associated with the real-life testing process will extend beyond the ability of the Global Cooling Prize committees to fully control.