Godrej, one of India’s largest AC manufacturers of most energy efficient domestic air conditioners, in partnership with A.T.E., selected as a finalist in the Global Cooling Prize

Godrej, has partnered with a leading evaporative cooling technology company, ATE Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. operating in B2B industrial space, to develop an advanced hybrid cooling technology, leveraging its own and well-established environmentally friendly natural refrigerant based technology used in its present domestic air conditioners.

About the breakthrough technology

This cooling technology integrates a Godrej’s own well-established high-efficiency vapor compression system with a natural and low global warming potential refrigerant and advanced evaporative cooling technology to provide cooling. This technology is expected to have a significantly lower climate impact as compared to the typical RAC units sold today.

The advanced evaporative cooling technology reduces the air temperature without adding to its humidity level. This cool air is then either supplied directly to the indoor space or passes through the vapor compression system which optimizes compressor performance depending on the set indoor temperature and humidity requirements of the space. The grid electricity consumption of the cooling system is further reduced by improving the heat exchanger efficiency and by using a small integrated solar PV panel to offset part of the total power demand of the solution. The integration of these advanced technologies is achieved through smart controls that optimize the performance of this integrated solution.