May Webinar: “Protecting Your Intellectual Property”

In this webinar, Hari Subramaniam, Founding and Managing Partner of Subramaniam & Associates, gave an overview of the Global Cooling Prize’s approach to intellectual property and how to protect your intellectual property. Specifically, Mr. Subramaniam walked through the different options and steps to file a patent application in India, which is set to become the largest market for room air conditioners and also where the finalist prototype testing will take place. This webinar was attended by 46 participants from 13 different countries.

Mr. Subramaniam has been in legal practice for the last 36 years, specializing in all aspects of intellectual property law. In the course of his career, he has filed, prosecuted, defended, opposed and/or enforced (directly or in a supervisory capacity) over 35,000 patent matters in India and abroad. He has extensive experience in oppositions and IP litigation. He possesses formidable skills in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in most countries of the world, and in practically every area of technology. He was nominated by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) to conduct workshops on the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) and as a tutor for patent specification drafting techniques.


Be sure to check out the recordings of the webinar and the presentation deck below:

– Watch a recording of the May webinar here

– To follow along with the presentation deck, click here

Hari Subramaniam Founding & Managing Partner, Subramaniam & Associates